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About the Company

Loving my journey helping clients with their health plan needs

     In 2013 after leaving Corporate America I took the leap of faith in after completing my Arizona Health and Life State license, I went to work for a company for three years that allowed me get my education and knowledge regarding the insurance industry.  As I started my career in insurance I started with the Under 65 Health plans focusing on ACA plans offered through the government.  In 2014 I stepped up my portfolio and did my first certification to sell  Medicare.  Every year since I have built my portfolio to include Under 65 health plans, Medicare, Dental, Vision, Life, and Small Group (focusing on 2 - 49 employees) insurance plans.   

     In  2017  I  took another leap of faith and started Nancy Drew Insurance.  I became an Independent insurance broker working for myself and the journey has been incredible.  I am currently licensed in the states of AZ, WA, OR, ID, NV, UT, NM, TX, MI, WI, and VA.   I am appointed with all major companies that have a A rating which gives me the opportunity to find the right plan with the right company.

My Story

Hi, my name is Nancy Drew and the owner and insurance broker of Nancy Drew Insurance.  The agency was started in 2013 after working in Corporate America for over 35 years.  I worked in the fields of accounting, real estate, and customer service.

As a native Arizona I grew up in Phoenix before Phoenix was the big the city it is today.  During my high school days I moved to Tucson, AZ where I am a graduate of Sahauro High School aka Sahauro Cougars.  

After high school I moved to San Diego then to Oregon for 22 years.  I wanted to experience seasons, I did and that is why I am now back in my dear Arizona where I enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.  

In 2004 I received my Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management, graduating with homors from Kaplan University (now Perdue University).

My daughter was raised in Oregon but after some convincing she finally decided to call Arizona her home and is currently working on her nursing degree.