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Critical Illness and Cancer Plans

Why an Critical Illness or Cancer ?

A  Critical Illness or Cancer plan pays lump sum amount to help cover the costs Heart Attack, Stroke, or Cancer and lets you focus on your health and not your bills.

How does Critical Illness plans payout?

Critical Illness plans payout Lump Sum payment that gives you a predetermined dollar figure when you have a major medical event like a Heart Attack or Stroke.    The Lump Sum payment can help pay medical bills or can help pay your monthly bills due to not working.

How does Cancer plans payout?

Cancer plans payout Lump Sum payment that gives you a predetermined dollar figure when you first get diagnosed with cancer. 

What is the costs of Accident & Sickness plans?

These plans can start anywhere from $10 to $200 for the best benefits and depending on your age.

What makes these an asset to health insurance today?

While Health Insurance continues to rise - premiums, deductibles and out of pocket expenses these plans the premiums stay the same as long as you hold it.  

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