Health Insurance Plans for Ages under 65 has gone through many changes since the ACA reform.    

In 2019 more changes took place that allowed you to have some choices.  

Mandated Tax Penalty was repealled

Short Term plans that could only have 3 - 6 month plans were extended

Plans off the exchange give you PPO Networks that are nationwide

When deciding on a Health Plan today remember Medical plans are to cover medical costs but there are supplemental plans that help you fill in the gaps that may leave your family with a hugh debt. 

Combining a health plan and supplement plan together you get better coverage that could save you money.

On Exchange plans offered through  These plans are based on your income not health issues.  They also have the 10 mandate for Essential Benefits. 


These plans are for 12 months and have an Open Enrollment period to change plans every November 1 - December 15 every year.

  • No Underwritting (Guarantee Issued)

  • Premium high (if not subsidized)

  • State Specific (HMO Networks)

  • Deductibles are based upon your income.

Off Exchange plans give you a plan that offers you a larger network but is based on Health.  These plans can offer you a lower premium, lower deductible and out of pocket maximum.  These plans are Underwritten so if you have health issues you may not qualify.  Enroll today have coverage tomorrow.

These plans can range from 1 - 36 months dedpending on the state you reside in.

Plans are underwritten for pre-existing conditions

Lower premiums

Nationwide PPO Networks

Deductibles start at $1,000

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