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Part B Premium      2022 $170.10      2023 $164.90
Part D (Prescription) Deductible      2022 $480.00     2023 $505.00



Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans (known as Plan C) are private insurance plans that offer not only medical but dental, vision, and hearing.

Also includes low or no premiums, no deductibles, and lower out of pocket for medical.  Also includes ancillary benefits.


Medicare Supplement

Plans that allow you to keep your Medicare A & B and helps pay for the 20% that Medicare doesn't cover.  These plans you pay the premium up front but you don't pay alot of out of pocket expense.

Does not include prescription drug plan, dental, vision, and other ancillary add on's.


Prescription Drug

You must have a prescription plan or you will have a penalty.  Medicare Advantage plans have drug plans built in but you must get a Stand Alone prescription plan with a Medicare Supplement.  If you choose to remain on Medicare A & B a Stand Alone is perfect.  

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