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Who needs to think about Medicare?

Medicare works better when you do things the right way from the start. 

Does any of these opportunities match your needs? Now is the time to call me.

  • You or your spouse is 64

  • You or your spouse is retiring and over 65

  • You have a parent or loved one aged 64

  • You or a loved one under 65 is an SSDI recipient

  • You’re currently covered under Medicare but coming up on the Annual Open Enrollment period (which begins each October 15)

  • You are currently covered under Medicare but you’ve undergone a major life event (e.g., a divorce, the death of a spouse, or a physical move) that allows you to make changes in your coverage

If this is you, don’t wait another day to learn about your

Medicare opportunities!

Let's discuss your health and financial situations, I will research and price the best options that fit your needs.  I will share what I have found and take care of all the enrollment and changes.  

During the discussions, I can help discover new benefits that may benefit you.  I help you on a path that leads to a succesful plan that benefits your needs.  I will do the work so you can have a peace of mind!

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