Understanding Medicare

With many choices today Medicare can be confusing.  Understanding the A B C's of Medicare is half the battle.  

With over 10 years experience in helping people with their health needs with Medicare plans I can assist you with the right plan, making sure your doctors and prescriptions are in the plan.

Part B Premium for 2022  $170.10
(may be higher for higher income earners).


Need assistance signing up for Part A & Part B for your Medicare benefits?  Click on the button above, if you still having problems give me a call I can assist you through the process.


Making the right decision there are four parts to Medicare that is important to know: 
  • Part A (Hospital)  Part B (Medical)
  • Part C (Medicare Advantage plans)
  • Part D (Stand Alone Prescription plans) 
  • Part E (Medicare Medigap Supplement plans)